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Smart Solutions for Your Home or Business

Digital Signage

Better your business and make it more visible with digital signage from Audio Input.

Are you looking to further reach out to your shoppers? You may be interested in a digital poster with high quality visual imagery or an interactive marketing display.

Looking to increase sales? Try an eye-catching digital menu board.

Want to better promote your business, products, or services? Try a shelf promotion display with an Audio Input Digital POP sign.

Digital PosterDigital Poster

  • Theater Poster
    The trailer integrated HD poster brings it to life.
  • Shop Window Display
    No more dull and tedious posters. Up to date, site-specific moving image content light up your shop and attracts attention.
  • Good Spot Sharing
    Good spots are rare and often limited. Only dynamic posters can multiply the effect by rotating content and imagery to optimize the outcome.
  • In-Mall Digital Poster
    The vivid multi-media performance of the dynamic eye-catching digital signage also creates a high-tech ambiance and elite shopping atmosphere.

digital menu board

Digital Menu Board

  • Day-part Menu
    Instead of squinting to see the menu for the different meals, you can schedule different menus to appear at different times.
  • Test New Menu Items
    New item/price promotions can be added and modified according to customer response and feedback.
  • Repeat Business
    Capture your customers’ attention with available coupons, upcoming events and promotions; providing them a reason to come back again and again.

Digital POP SignDigital POP Board

  • Features Demo
    Distinguish your products from competitors.
  • Bilingual Introduction
    Communication with customer in their language builds customer loyalty and trust.
  • Installation Tactic
    Show installation videos to boost shopper confidence and revenues.

Interactive Marketing Display

  • Experience the Product
    Educate and draw potential customers with fun and dynamic interactive buttons.
  • E-Shopping
    Provide a self-paced independent learning environment for your customers.
  • Brand value
    Enhance brand recognition through a new interactive medium.