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Smart Solutions for Your Home or Business

Home Music Systems

Home Music SystemsTake music from your iPod, CD’s, satellite radio, etc., and bring them all together with a multi room music system from Audio Input. Their whole home music distribution systems allow you to have seamless music throughout your entire residence, both inside and outside, and give you the experience of being at a live performance.

They offer multiple source and multiple zone audio that is out of sight and out of mind. Audio Input has the ability to blend your audio system with your home decor, by hiding your speakers in the walls or ceilings inside or in weather resistant speakers outside, disguised to look like rocks or landscape lighting fixtures.

Now you don’t have to carry any of your electronic music devices around to listen to your favorite music throughout the house. From a wall mounted touch screen, or your mobile device, you can:

  • Control the volume of your music in each zone or room
  • Select custom play lists
  • Simultaneously play different music in separate locations inside and outside your home

With state of the art wireless technology and the expertise of award winning electronic technicians, your home¬†doesn’t have to be under construction or a major remodel to take advantage of an Audio Input distributed audio system. Stop by your local Audio Input design center and hear what you’ve been missing.