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Smart Solutions for Your Home or Business


Services Audio InputAudio Input offers the latest in technology when it comes to home theater, outdoor theater, music distribution, business solutions, and building green with home automation. They can custom design any of their services to fit your unique style and needs.

If you want the convenience of home automation with remote programming, an awesome indoor or outdoor theater or sound system, or a remote programmed conference room, Audio Input can get you there. Their team of skilled professionals are dedicated to giving you the best solutions to meet your needs.


Home Theater

Home Theater | Cinema ExperienceWhat if it was possible to walk into your very own home theater room, sit down, and with one push of a button the lights fade, shades close, your seat reclines, your projector screen moves to the format the director intended, and your movie starts playing. Does this sound like a cinema experience you would enjoy from the comfort of your own home?

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Home Automation

Home Automation

Complete control of your home environment is at your fingertips! Audio Input stretches the boundaries of technology with the integration of green home automation. Their dedicated team of skilled professionals work hard to custom design the most efficient solutions for your home, ultimately saving you time, simplifying your life, and providing an extra level of home security. Their design has gained international attention as they have won international awards in technical design and automation.

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Home Music Systems

Music-Distribution | Whole home AudioTake music from your iPod, CD’s, satellite radio, etc., and bring them all together with a multi room music system from Audio Input. Their whole home music distribution systems allow you to have seamless music throughout your entire house. They offer multiple source and multiple zone audio that is out of sight and out of mind.

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Business Solutions


Whether you are in corporate enterprise, education, health care, or hospitality and retail, Audio Input has a solution for every application. Find out more about the solutions Audio Input can provide for your business.


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